Adventures in sort-of unschooling

What a month!

on September 26, 2012

No, seriously. What happened to September? TBO got a filling, Lucy got spayed, TGO got sick. And I haven’t crossed off a day on my calendar since Sept. 12. I kid y’all not.

TBO got his filling on the 12th and that went well. Or, as well as could be expected. He did well with the laughing gas and even got sleepy toward the end (don’t you wish you got sleepy during dental work?) but got a little sick as we were getting ready to leave. All in all, not so bad.

Lulukitty was spayed but missed the memo on that. I figured she’d be too sore to move much and set everything up for her in our bathroom. She spent the night climbing the shower curtain and trying to take apart the blinds over the toilet. Then I noticed on Sunday that she pulled her stitch out. *sigh*  She’s a handful.

Then last week TGO came down with something godawful. By Tuesday she wasn’t eating much and had a fever of 103.7. I took her to urgent care where the doctor said she had a stomach virus. Nearly a week of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, while trying to get her to eat or drink anything… so not fun. DH stayed home and managed to work some from here. Now she’s back to normal and I can’t keep up with her appetite.

I’m having knee surgery on November 7th (on the left knee this time) so I’m mentally preparing for that. My right knee doesn’t hurt at night, but I loathe stairs and getting up from chairs. I’ve finally given in and ordered a cane. I never imagined I’d need a cane at 32 but it is what it is, right?

Well, the living room looks like 2 tornadoes passed through so I should get up and pick up a few things. Maybe the kids will join me… I can dream, anyway.


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