Adventures in sort-of unschooling

The cane

I’ve written about the cane before (on the old blog that is now private) and that was before I finally made the leap and bought one. I got it yesterday and am building up the courage to take it into public. It definitely helps with stairs though!

But why the apprehension on using it when I’m out? Because I don’t *look* like I need it. Because I’m not “old enough” to need it. Because of odd reactions or attention (and questions/comments) when I mostly try to blend into the crowd.ย 

I think I’m going to yarn bomb it. I guess that goes against the last reason I mentioned above, but in a way it makes it *mine*.ย 

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What a month!

No, seriously. What happened to September? TBO got a filling, Lucy got spayed, TGO got sick. And I haven’t crossed off a day on my calendar since Sept. 12. I kid y’all not.

TBO got his filling on the 12th and that went well. Or, as well as could be expected. He did well with the laughing gas and even got sleepy toward the end (don’t you wish you got sleepy during dental work?) but got a little sick as we were getting ready to leave. All in all, not so bad.

Lulukitty was spayed but missed the memo on that. I figured she’d be too sore to move much and set everything up for her in our bathroom. She spent the night climbing the shower curtain and trying to take apart the blinds over the toilet. Then I noticed on Sunday that she pulled her stitch out. *sigh* ย She’s a handful.

Then last week TGO came down with something godawful. By Tuesday she wasn’t eating much and had a fever of 103.7. I took her to urgent care where the doctor said she had a stomach virus. Nearly a week of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, while trying to get her to eat or drink anything… so not fun. DH stayed home and managed to work some from here. Now she’s back to normal and I can’t keep up with her appetite.

I’m having knee surgery on November 7th (on the left knee this time) so I’m mentally preparing for that. My right knee doesn’t hurt at night, but I loathe stairs and getting up from chairs. I’ve finally given in and ordered a cane. I never imagined I’d need a cane at 32 but it is what it is, right?

Well, the living room looks like 2 tornadoes passed through so I should get up and pick up a few things. Maybe the kids will join me… I can dream, anyway.

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So far this week

Sunday we went to the Peach Stand (it’s a restaurant/ice cream shop/farmers market/butcher/bakery/gas station – gotta love South Carolina!) We had ice cream, went to the butcher for pork chops, and got some produce. The kids were most excited about the roasted peanuts still in the shell. Trying to get to their food kept them busy for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ Sunday night DH cleaned off all the pots and stuff off the deck.

Monday we went to Pike Nurseries (aka the garden store) and we spent nearly 2 hours poking around, looking at all the plants, pots, gardening tools, and such. We saw orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime trees, all bearing fruit. The kids picked out three mums, 2 ivy plants for the hanging baskets, and a Japanese Ardisia. We came home and put all the plants on the deck and it looks really nice out there now. We also got a hummingbird feeder but haven’t seen the hummingbirds yet (they are around but may be mad that we took up the tomato plants they were attracted to).

I can’t even keep up with all the kids do when we’re home. TBO has been really into magnets. TGO plays with her babies. Sometimes they both get into a pretend game with the babies and stuffed animals. This morning they were building a castle with wooden blocks. I do paperbackswap.com and we get new books in once a week or so. Right now TBO has a whistle and is directing traffic, which consists of TGO pushing her baby in a stroller around the living room. They can be playing individually and the next thing I know their games have merged. For instance, TGO loves to read and that can turn into both kids playing library.

Today we went to the consignment store to take in some old toys. We got some letter blocks, a couple of books, and TGO got a new baby. On the way there we saw a firetruck flying a flag on the ladder so on our way back, we stopped to get a closer look. We spent some of the morning talking about 9/11. Then we went back to the garden store to get praying mantis egg cases, but they were out and now I have several hundred ladybugs in a container in the living room.

Ladybugs. Yes, that’s a knee-high on the lid.

In about 30 minutes we’ve got to leave again to go to the farmers market to see the “beef guy” and get our meats and maybe some veggies.

Tomorrow the Mosquito Squad is coming to hopefully kill off these mosquitos. TBO also has a dentist appointment to get a tiny cavity filled so we’ve talked about what’s going to happen there. Thursday we may be going to drop off some blankets for donation to the shelter (yay!).

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Bye bye, hair


Just over 11 inches of hair donated ๐Ÿ™‚

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Things around here

Each day is basically the same, and yet not. We get up between 8 and 9 am, eat breakfast, and play. Maybe there’s an errand to run, or an appointment somewhere, or someone is coming here to do something (like the bug guy, or a repair person) but it’s… calm (in the sense of doing, not so much with the noise level).

Today TBO got up just before 8. I was awake because of my knee pain but since DH was already up I wasn’t in any huge hurry to get moving. TGO slept until after 8:30 and I wandered in after her. TGO has played with her babies, TBO has made some sort of invention, together they’ve played some sort of doctor game with their stuffed animals. I’ve made phone calls and answered emails for Binky Patrol. I’ve scheduled the kitten’s spay. I’ve sort-of scheduled my other knee surgery. I’ve scheduled the mosquito squad to hopefully kill all these pesky mosquitoes before they give us West Nile. We sent a card to a friend of mine that hasn’t been feeling well. They both drew pictures inside the card. We need to go to the post office later to mail books. Both kids drew pictures for DH before he left for work.

Right now I’m waiting on TGO to finish lunch (and oh em gee is she taking forever!) so I can go shower. I need to look at my to-do list to see what else we need to be doing but TBO is playing some semi-educational game on the iPad…
It’s busy and we do a lot but it doesn’t feel stressful (usually) because we are in control and doing things on our schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚

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