Adventures in sort-of unschooling

Asheville trip

on August 27, 2012

We wanted to go to Asheville a couple of weeks ago but the weather didn’t cooperate but this past week I watched the weather forecast and we decided to go once it looked for sure that there wouldn’t be a washout weekend. We left Friday afternoon after lunch and got there around 4. We didn’t know quite where we were (and the kids were hungry) and went to Fatz, which was near the hotel. After that, we went downtown to wander around. A lot of the shops were closed but Kilwin’s was open (our Kilwin’s in Charlotte closed) and the kids got Superman ice cream. Then we went to the drum circle. TBO wasn’t as fascinated as TGO… I’m pretty sure she could have people-watched all night. There are some interesting looking people of all ages in Asheville 😉

We wandered around some more and just before dark we headed back to the parking deck. You can’t take us anywhere because… we broke the parking deck. DH put in the parking ticket to pay, then his credit card (I don’t know why he didn’t just let me give him the cash but… whatever) and the machine jammed up. It wouldn’t give him back the credit card! The gate opened and I told him to pull out before it closed so we pulled out and onto a side road, and eventually into a street lot within sight of the deck. DH had dialed the number on the machine and within minutes someone came out to let everyone out of the deck (after we pulled out the gate went down and no one else was able to leave… and traffic was backing up!). I was in the van with the kids and we saw about 20 cars pull out at one time but the guy wasn’t able to get our credit card out of the machine. We got back to the hotel and called the bank to cancel the card. (We tried to go to parking services on Saturday but they are closed on the weekend.)

Saturday we started to go to Early Girl but there were so many people waiting outside that we went to World Coffee? and it was a good thing because it started raining. We went to Curio (a toy store), Purl’s Yarn Emporium, Earth Guild (the kids got to see all kinds of stuff, including a demonstration on making yarn with a spinning wheel), and had lunch at Chai Pani.

I can’t remember what other shops we went to but we left around 2-ish to go to the WNC Nature Center. We saw wolves, bears, owls, a turkey vulture, some farm animals, frogs, snakes, turtles, cougars, but I think their favorite was the otter because s/he would swim by the window playfully.

We headed back to downtown Asheville for dinner at Early Girl and dessert at a place I’ve forgotten the name to, but not the cheesecake I ate because it was so good! We went back to where the drum circle was but the music was religious so we didn’t stay. There was some festival going on but we didn’t feel like walking to it and headed back to the hotel. The kids had a much-needed bath and were pretty ready for bed after all that walking.

We left around 10 am and headed back home. The kids had a blast! TGO has been carrying around the stuffed kitty she got at Curio, TBO loves his walkie-talkies, and they’ve both played with the magnet set they got. I got a potholder loom at Earth Guild but I’m saving it. Right now they are building a street made of playing cards and a hotel in the mountains.


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