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Read all the books!!!

on August 16, 2012

I’ve been reading the kids stories and such from What Your Preschooler Needs to Know (we also have the one for kindergarten) and we also have a ton of books that we’ve bought mostly from library book sales. There are a few I’ve gotten used from amazon and some new ones, but I prefer buying used books since they’re cheaper.

A month or so ago I discovered paperbackswap and moved all of my listings from half.com over since I haven’t sold anything in ages anyway. So I mail out books and earn credits that I use to request other books. It’s pretty genius, actually. I’ve gotten some of the books that we would have used if we’d gotten Moving Beyond the Page, some that we’ve checked out from the library and liked a lot, and some books for myself. The kids really like getting books in the mail and can’t wait to read their new books. And after we read the new ones, the kids keep bringing me more and more books to read until I feel like my tongue will fall out of my mouth 🙂


One response to “Read all the books!!!

  1. aniknits says:

    I love love love PaperbackSwap.com! I’ve used SwapADVD.com too and both are awesome. Now that I’m moving to digital books and movies I don’t use them as much but I’d like to see a digital equivalent soon.

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