Adventures in sort-of unschooling

Typical Tuesday

on August 15, 2012

On Sunday I looked at the calendar and saw a whole week of nothing. Nothing scheduled, no obligations! But it never works that way, does it?

Monday… it’s only Wednesday and I can remember what we did on Monday.

Yesterday we took Lucy (the kitten we got back in June when she was 8 weeks old from a friend whose husband found her under his car at work) to the vet for her last distemper shot. The vet was running late so the kids got to watch people and dogs (and make me a little crazy in the waiting room). Then I really had to pee and just when I thought we could finally go home, we got in the van and TBO noticed the gas light was on. Argh! So we went to get gas and came home. In the afternoon we went to the farmer’s market to pick up our order from the “beef guy”. TBO talked to him for a bit… he was telling us about the chickens and how they weren’t laying many eggs because they are all molting? or something like that. He’s having a farm day on September 15th and invited us to that. TBO also tried some pickles from the stand next to the “beef guy”. TGO refused – she’s not a fan of pickles.

As we were leaving, TBO wanted a smoothie from the waffle place. We haven’t been there in months so I have no idea how TBO remembered that (or how the owner remembered our usual order).

We came home and had dinner. DH picked up some stuff from the Teeter and then we took the kids to the pool. TGO hasn’t been in deep water since she was a baby and TBO hasn’t in a couple of years. I pulled each of them around the pool while DH watched the other in the kiddie pool. I don’t think DH was a fan of the pool experience though 😉

Oh! Now I remember what we did on Monday – took the kids for haircuts (TBO chose to shave his head) and on the way back (after a u-turn) we went to see what shops were in a new shopping center. The kids wanted frozen yogurt but it wasn’t open yet so we went to a new chocolate shop called Think Chocolate. The kids picked out a piece of chocolate each, which we brought home to share with DH after dinner.

So somehow even though there is nothing on the calendar, we end up busy with typical stuff like haircuts, visits to the farmers market, taking the kitten to the vet, etc. I’m always glad when people talk to the kids – like the “bug guy” who talks as he sprays around the house, or the “beef guy” who tells the kids about his farm, or the plumber who doesn’t seem to mind us watching him as he installs the dishwasher or the other projects he’s done here. 🙂


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